Peter Zurla

Exhibit opens First Friday, April 7th, 2023 from 5pm-9pm and runs through the month of April.

The Dante Project

Looking back on my journal entries I realize
that being isolated from the outside world I was forced to look more inward. I was searching for a new direction for my work.  I began reading and looking at the numerous works of other artists. William Mortensen, Yutaka Takanashi, Gaius Julius Solinus,  Madaurus Numida, Gustave Dore, and William Blake to mention just six of many. One quote that particularly spoke to me was by Pierre Mac Orlan. “The shadow being the thing itself and its opposite, as well as a disproportionate sign or something’s presence, forces us into another level of perception. The shadow, after all, is not only a stand-in, but a thing on its way toward- or returning from.” I suddenly realized that I was now looking at my photos, and in my mind, I am thinking what I can combine with them.  The shadow is known as the king born of shades. It is a major breakthrough, and the dark world of Dante is born.