Jesse Stockwell

Exhibit opens First Friday, May 5th, 2023 from 5pm-9pm and runs through the month of May.


I am Jesse Stockwell. Growing up in rural Kansas, starting out my career as a carpenter, creating with my hands, needing something new, my life took me to Texas where I began transitioning from building with my hands to building with my mind. This is the transition that introduced art into my life. I found myself with an urge of creation that was not being fulfilled. I had a quote stuck in my mind for years about spending one’s life dedicated to one’s art. I knew what I had to do. 


It has been a journey of ups and downs, lessons that would have never come if I hadn’t decided to take my own direction. I have now been set upon a path that only ends the day that I die. No matter what, I must continue to search the inner depths of my mind, looking for nothing more than clarity to account for the actions that I take. When I started on my path in art, I had to push myself to a large ambition right away because I knew there was a part of me that needed to be exposed. Now, I find myself working backwards, starting from the beginning with modest goals, spending time focusing on the details, perfecting an idea in my mind, a seed that I will continue to water and nurture. The beginnings of something that continues to develop daily, something much larger than myself.


Whether what I am doing has any meaning is yet to be seen. How I live my life will tell the story. Any meaning that may exist is in the eye of the beholder. I know what must be done, now is the time to do it. To those of you reading, I ask you to remember the name and pay attention. I will not disappoint