Andres Romero

Exhibit opens First Friday, December 2nd, 2022 from 5pm-9pm and runs through the month of December.


I started taking pictures soon after I became a father 7 years ago, wanting to document every moment. After some clumsy trial and error with a phone I began to get more intentional in my process, at which point some friends encouraged me to buy my first camera, a mirrorless Nikon that I soon took with me everywhere. After teaching myself how to use Lightroom, I began to develop a particular style all my own. A 2018 excursion to Cuba really allowed me to see the full potential of using my photography to set a mood and tell a story. Music being my other passion, I have recently delved into the world of concert photography, though shooting street scenes will always be tops for me.

Photography helps me manage the anxiety that has become the background noise of daily life in America. For years I self-medicated with alcohol, but now I have a way to keep myself focused on progressing as a creative, and more importantly as a father, husband, friend, and human being. The world is a twisted place full of misery and suffering, I choose to preserve the moments of beauty I encounter to keep me grounded and humble. Is it art? Who gives a shit, really.