Annette Moon

Exhibit opens First Friday, October 7th from 5pm to 9pm and runs through the end of October..

Subterranean Flowers

Annette Moon is a photographer & surrealist from Colorado, shooting mostly film and developing it in her kitchen sink. Her passion for film began at age 12, when she accidentally dropped a disposable camera in a lake, staring in awe post-development at the beautiful swirls of pink, only to discover later that this experimental process was known as “film soup.” She was hooked. From Polaroids to vintage cameras such as the Mamiya Rz67, she has grown into a magician with many tools.

In 2021, she picked up a Fuji XT4 and began her digital journey. She quickly fell in love with the quality and control that this medium affords, which inspired her to create Annette Moon Photography LLC.

Annette is guided by intuition and gifted with the ability to bring out her subjects’  truest form. Sessions with her are often spiritual, healing and always magical. She is available for hire, specializing in all things beautiful & creative.